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We provide your Agency with the Mobile interpreting network.

The rapidly increasing impact of mobile tablets and smartphones cannot be underestimated. Compared to laptops and computer monitors, mobile devices are cheaper, more portable, and physically less obtrusive — especially ideal for interpreting. It makes interpreting on demand a reality for your agency and your clients.

MobileVRI includes an integrated scheduling and billing system.

Here’s where we talk about the integrated scheduling and billing sysytem that comes as part of MobileVRI. Here’s where we talk about the integrated scheduling and billing sysytem that comes as part of MobileVRI. Here’s where we talk about the integrated scheduling and billing sysytem that comes as part of MobileVRI.

Get the mobile competitive advantage without a large technology investment.

The MobileVRI network positions your agency at the forefront of the mobile revolution and enables you to economically provide these highly desired services to your customers without having to invest in expensive technology.



No Missed Appointments
If the assigned interpreter is unavailable, another is immediately connected through our patent pending video scheduling technology.

More Competitive Fees
Allow your agency to reduce or cut 2 hour minimums and 24 hour cancellation fees.

On Demand Interpreting
MobileVRI connects your interpreters anytime, anywhere within minutes of a request.

Consistent Interpreter Quality
Your clients connect with the best available interpreter with our patent pending quality assurance technology.



Attract More Interpreters
Build loyalty because it lets your interpreters work remotely.

Interpreters Are More Productive
With no wasted time on travel and traffic, interpreters have more hours available for more assignments.

Instant Pay Delights Interpreters
The option to automatically disburse their payments within 24 hours of your agency receiving electronic payments.



Provide Clients Highly Desired Services
Offer your clients Mobile Video Remote Interpretation without having to invest in creating technology or a network.

Extend Your Client Service
Mobile VRI translation over tablets and smartphones gives you a real competitive advantage.

Extend Your Service Area
Geography will no longer limit your growth. Increase your reach and increase business.

Manage Scheduling and Billing
Schedule interpreters through your dashboard as well as manage your MobileVRI billing.

Mobile Devices Supported by MobileVRI

The MobileVRI app runs on the Apple IOS.

  • wi-fi or 4G
  • iPad (with video)
  • iPad Mini (all versions)
  • iPhone 4, 4s and 5.

Android and Windows apps are underway.

As Easy As 1-2-3

Designed For Ease Of Use By Agencies, Clients & Interpreters



Your interpreters install the MobileVRI app on their Internet connected tablets or smartphones. This will enable you to connect them to a client to interpret using live video using their tablet or smart phone.



Your clients install the MobileVRI app on their Internet connected tablets. This will enable them to request an interpreter from your agency through the App.



You manage assignments and billing for your interpreters on our patent pending video scheduling platform.  You schedule and contact your  interpreters for assignments through the App.

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